F-Box Deluxe Set Large Double

The deluxe double is the largest deluxe set and offers masses of tackle storage space. As well as integral boxes, the large double set comes complete with dividers, rig boards and the following components:
Spool Dispensers x 5
8 compartment x 2
Rig Boards x 2
Flip Top x 2
2 compartment x 1
4 compartment x 1
8 compartment shallow x 1
4 compartment shallow x 1
Rig Rack Multi/single x 1


Box, Plastic Flex-a-top

Available in 3 sizes. Virtually unbreakable, “living hinges” will last forever, tops seal tightly and securely, translucent polypropylene allows you to see the contents.

Smart Box Chub Spool Dispensers x3

The dispenser allow the angler to store their own choice of hook length materials, PVA or leader and also have their own sharp cutter which will deal with the toughest of hook length materials. Each pack contains three dispensers.

(CHCSB050) Spool Dispensers (Pack Of 3)


System Box Divider Kit

Buy now and save 40%.
Additional dividers to allow further customising of your Fox Box.

Ultimate Line Winding System

The Revolutionary Line Winding System (GLS1) with its rotating carriage automtically eliminates twists by turning the line as it is transferred to the spinning spool. It woks exceptionally well with both spinning and casting reels. It is an all-in-one tool that holds flat spools, 1/4 lb spools, and 1/2 spools in perfect alignment with the reel. It is so amazing and innovative that it is Patented and US Patent pending. You will be impressed by what you see! It features high strength graphite frame, ball bearing system, easy line tensioning & convenient packaging.

Click on the picture for a short video.