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Book, Carp Fishing Advanced Tactics

Catching carp is easy if you fish "easy" waters, but if you take the next step & tackle the more difficult lakes & rivers the situation is substantially different. In such waters carp can test the capabilities of any angler. Carp are cunning, unpredictable, & among the toughest freshwater fish in the world to catch.

Simon Crow
is an angling journalist & consultant, the news editor of Carp-Talk magazine, & the author of Discover Carp Fishing & Strategic Carp Fishing.


Simon Crow
Warehouse Date: April 22, 2010
Subject Category: Other Freshwater Species
Binding Type: Hardcover
Retail Price: $45.00
ISBN: 1-86126-877-7


Book, Strategic Carp Fishing

Includes: the importance of strategy; carp & its environment; next generation of carp; tactics, rigs, bait & location of feeding areas & a full account of how the authors won the 1996 World Championship. Profuse B&W photos & diagrams plus 8 pgs of colour; 246x189 mm, 200 pgs.
In this, their first book for Crowood, World Champions Rob Hughes and Simon Crow explain the methods and techniques which have brought them success on many waters around the world.

Topics include: the importance of strategy; carp and its environment; the next generation of carp; tactics, rigs, bait and location of feeding areas and a full account of how the authors won the 1996 World Championship. Profusely illustrated with photographs - many in colour- Strategic Carp Fishing is written for the angler of today.

Book, This Book is Full of Carp

Eighty odd pages of carp puns. Definitely not a "piece of carp" book.

"A wonderful stew of carp jokes."--Pierre Bouillabaisse
"Suche a Fyne Booke and Suche a Fyne Fishe."--Sir Izaak Walton, author of The Compleat Angler;
"The veritable peak of fish humor books."--Zebulon Pike, explorer

Carp Fishing Secrets - Downloadable Book

UK Carp Fishing Secrets is a PDF download of over 100,000 words (270 pages), along with a whole bunch of photos and illustrations to show you EXACTLY what you need to be doing to catch more carp. Even if you've never fished for these powerful fish before, you'll be able to catch them after reading this e-book. Take a look at the contents listing below and you'll see what we mean. The contents, structure and quality of the articles contained are as good, probably better, than anything you'll find in the world. Coming from seasoned UK Carp Anglers, this book is based on experience, not waffle - it's written by men who've been carp fishing for most of their lives.

We do not sell this book directly but Click Here! to read more about it and to find out how to purchase it for only $19.99.

UK Carp Fishing Secrets - Index of Articles

Welcome To UK Carp Fishing Secrets

Introduction To Carp Fishing
- Catching Carp
- What Makes a Successful Carp Angler

- Watercraft The Carp And Its Habitat
- Stealth And Deception
- Feature Finding
- Effects Of Wind
- Polarised Fishing Glasses

Approaches & Techniques
- Getting The Right Approach
- Stalking
- Winter Carp Fishing
- Static Carping With Bite Alarms
- Short Session Carping
- Surface Fishing
- Carp Fishing In Silt
- Carp From Big Waters
- Margin Tips
- Kitting For Distance
- Wind Problems
- Moon Effects
- BackLeads, The How And When
- Guide To Bait Rockets & Spodding
- Finding The Right Shelter/Bivvy
- Which Carp Rods?

Rigs & Components
- Hair Rig & Knotless Knot
- Bolt Rig
- Zig-Rig
- Pop-up & Hinged Pop-up Rig
- Helicopter Rig
- Silt Rig
- Semi-Fixed Running Rig
- Inline Safety Rig
- Running Rig
- Braid Rig
- Carp Hooks - Getting Right To The Point
- Safety Clips
- Mono Facts

Bait & Baiting Techniques
- The Boilie (Boiled Bait)
- Shelf Life Or Fresh Frozen Boilies
- How To Make Your Own Boilies
- Dips And Soaks
- The Method
- Tiger Nuts
- Halibut Pellets
- The Secret Success Of Balachan Shrimp Paste
- Worms For Carp
- Particle Mixes
- Hemp Seed
- Maize
- Sweetcorn
- Pellets
- Artificial Baits
- Surface Baits
- Critically Balanced Baits For Carp
- How To Use P.V.A. Bags For Distance Work
- Stringers

Caring For Your Quarry
- Carp Care And Fish Handling
- Rules Rule, OK!
- Angling Ethics

Application Examples
- Preface To Carp Journals;
- Part 1 (Introduction To The Top Pool, July 2002)
- Part 2 (Return To The Top Pool, September 2002)
- Part 3 (Thoughts On Bait, July 2003)
- Part 4 (Top Pool Triumph and Back To Birch)
- Part 5 (Winter on Top Pool, April 2004)
- Part 6 (The Top Pool Mission Accomplished, August 2004)
- Part 7 (Return to Birch and Short Session Tactics, October 2004)
- Part 8 (Top Pool Swansong and Pastures New, January 2005)
- Part 9 (Surface Fishing Adventures, Mackerel Skies and Mares' Tails, August 2005)
- Part 10 (Surface Fishing Adventures, New Personal Best - In October!, October 2005)
- Part 11 (Surface Fishing Adventures, Last Chance Saloon,May 2006)

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Carpwise vol 3 & 4 DVD

Anyone who has seen the 1999 video release CARPWISE 1&2 will know the efforts to which we have gone in producing a high quality film. CARPWISE 3 & 4 was released in November 2000 and early sales and feedback have indicated that it is as good, if not better, than its' predecessor.

Volume 3 features well known UK anglers Ian Russell, Derek Ritchie, Lee Jackson, Bob Newman and Jules Webb. There is highly technical rig and bait talk, advice on how to approach a carp water for the first time; but very importantly we see what can be done, whilst fishing, to learn about a water and it's fish movements.

Most of Volume 4 is filmed in Belgium with Frank Warwick and 2 top Belgian anglers, Theo Pustjens and Johnny Blisak. The session looks in detail at pre-baiting, lake mapping, tackle requirements for big waters; the use of boats for placing hookbaits, echo-sounding and playing fish. Essentially, you get to see how these experienced anglers fish in the demanding conditions where big fish are at stake.

The video set is once again professionally filmed by Len Gurd (Original Video Company), with helpful, detailed on-screen diagrams and fish action sequences. All together an excellent package, rich in entertainment and technical pieces alike.

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Carpwise 5 & 6 DVD

If ever there has been a video that captures the essense of modern carp fishing, this is it. This is purely about the fishing. We've followed some of the best names in the business as they set about doing what they do best: catching carp.

Carpwise volume 5 is set in the UK and you are invited to share the success of Ian Russell, Tim Paisley, Derek Ritchie, Lee Jackson, Richard 'Cash' Farnan and Dave Elliot. Follow them as they go about a serious carping session. You visit Dinton Pastures, Yateley Pads Lake, Birch Grove and some exclusive private syndicate waters.

We tap into their methods, tactics and general attitudes behind setting out specifically for big carp in the UK.

Contains footage of Lee Jackson's UK record.

Carpwise volume 6 is set in France at the prestigious A la Carp fishery. Follow Ian Russell, Richard Gardner, Ron Buss and Dave Elliot through a week of fantastic action where a good number of large carp (to 46lb) are put on the bank.

This session really captures the essense of what foreign carping can offfer. A la Carp has a distinct 'English' feel about it, and the session goes some way in proving, to anybody who has been reluctant to venture fishing abroad, how enjoyable the experience can be.
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Carpwise 7 & 8 Tactical Carpin'

This DVD is not in the NTSC format and probably will not play on your TV. It will play in your computer if you have a DVD player and the software.

Tactical Carping begins at home here in the UK. We'll begin a journey through the many different styles and adapted methods used by some of the UK's most successful anglers, as they approach a variety of different venues. Visit Ron Buss helping young carper Dan Elliot with the finer points of starting carpin'. Rising star Ben Hamilton and Dave Elliot take you up close with their approach to stalking, you do get very close in this scene! Richard 'Cash' Farnan and Garth Ethelston explain day-ticket water methods, there's enough information packed in here to give you an edge or two. We then take a detailed look at the world of river carpin' with your hosts Steve Broad and Martin Ford. Then we visit Ian Russell to get an insight to his last 12 months of fishing with some very impressive results. And finally we are very privileged to have a "Wraysbury" uncovered exclusive interview with our very own special guest Pete Springate, that includes previously unseen amateur footage - awesome viewing.

Part 2 and the boys go to France in search of some seriously large carp. The setting, Luke Moffatt's beautiful lake The Graviers near Dijon. Dave Elliot, Ron Buss, Ian Russell and Richard 'Cash' Farnan go in search of the elusive huge carp that lurk within its depths. We really tap into their thought patterns, methods and tactics that they use to uncover the lakes secrets. The results... well, you'll just have to watch to find out - they're just a bit impressive to say the least!


DVD Carpin' An Overview of Fly Rodding for Carp

 complete overview with instruction to help understand and successfully fly fish for this underrated fish. Topics include: Carp History; Misconceptions About Carp; Equipment: Where And When To Fish; Fedding Behavior; Flies; and much more. DVD, 60 min.
This DVD presents a comprehensive and light hearted look at fly fishing for this often misunderstood and underrated gamefish.

Your host, Brian Flechsig, brings with him years of fly fishing expertise. A seasoned angler, Brian caught his first trout on a fly when he was seven years old. Today he is an accomplished guide, instructor and fly tier.

DVD, Fly Fishing Adventure CARP

Sight fishing in shallow water, for a fish that will eat your fly and take you into your backing is hard to pass up. Carp on the Flats: On Banks Lake in Eastern Washington State. In the past, Carp may have had a public relations problem, but this DVD will easily convince you that Carp fishing should be worthy of any fly anglers pursuit. Join Bill Marts, Darce Knobel, Mike Huffer, and Jim & Kelly Watt and discover "Carpe diem", Latin for "Seize the day!" Experience the fun of stalking the flats, sightfishing for tailing fish, and hard fighting runs. Fly Tying: Jim Watt ties a successful Carp fly the "Carp Woolly."


DVD, Fly Rodders Guide to Carp

Few fish in freshwater possess the speed and power of the common Carp. On this DVD Barry shows you what he and Brad Befus introduced in their landmark book CARP ON THE FLY. See line-sizzling, knuckle-busting runs and subtle takes from skinny water tailing carp to nerve-wracking refusals on dry flies. Covers the tackle necessary to go toe-to-fin with one of the strongest fish your likely to encounter in freshwater. 98 min.
Fly fishing legend Dave Whitlock referred to Carp as "the last great frontier of opportunity for freshwater fly fishers". Anglers all over the world listened, and are quickly catching on!

Throw on the waders, string up the rod and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

So come along and spend some time with Barry on the water in pursuit of this wonderful fish.

DVD, Fox Guide to Essential Carp Rigs

DVD, Urban Warfare: In Pursuit of the Poor Man's Bonefish

Join Barry Reynolds & friends as they assault inner city waterways pursuing what many of today’s top fly angler’s consider to be one of the toughest fish in freshwater to entice to eat a fly, the “Common Carp”. Watch as these anglers stalk 20lb carp “tailing” in inches of water. This is freshwater “sight fishing” at its best! 40 min.
Hidden within the inner city lies miles of rivers, and countless lakes and ponds. Here you will find one of the most technically challenging of all freshwater fish. Most of these areas have remained untouched, untapped, and unfished…… Until now, this is Urban Warfare “In Pursuit of the Poor Man’s Bonefish”.

Not only is the carp a selective feeder but posses the raw power to make multiple runs deep into your backing with blistering speed. Watch as these anglers stalk 20lb carp “tailing” in inches of water. See carp in a whole new light; observe schools of carp as they move across shallow water flats similar to what one could expect to see on a bonefish trip. This is freshwater “sight fishing” at its best!

This is not a “how-to” DVD but instead a fresh and exciting look at what drives the passion and pursuit of what was once consider nothing more than a nuisance fish. Urban Warfare will open eyes to the fly fishing possibilities that for many lies very close to home.


A race of another kind! 3x2.75 inches.
Ray Troll draws & paints fishy images that migrate into museums & onto cards, from his tree-top studio, high above the Tongass Narrows in Ketchikan, Alaska.

His unique blend of art & science has been featured in museum displays at the Smithsonian, Seattle's Burke Museum, the Alaska State Museum in Juneau & the Anchorage Museum of History & Art, among others.
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Shimano Carp CD

CD Shimano Intro to Carp Fishing
Drop this CD into your computer for a great all-around introduction to modern carp fishing. Covers bait, tackle, rigs.... everything you need to know. A top quality production.