Float Fishing
Float fishing for carp is the deadliest technique that we have been able to devise.  We set-up at river mouths (usually that run into either the St.Lawrence River or the Great Lakes) and feed in our ground bait at fairly close range (10m), letting the current wash the scent downstream.   We then trot delicate floats baited with sweet corn down the current, intercepting carp as they move in towards the feed.  Usually it takes around 15-30 minutes before that action starts and it will often run all day.  My personal best was 40 carp in a single 10 hour session, 3 were over 30lbs and there were plenty of 20's in between.  We've also landed carp up to 44lbs using this technique (and lost a few bigger ones).  The best part of all this is that we use relatively light rods (1.0-1.5 lbs test curve, 11'-14' long), 8-12 lbs lines and centrepin reels.
This technique has proven itself everywhere we have used it.  We've even had some very productive session float fishing on some of the smaller rivers, producing 20+ carp in a morning. 
Give it a try this spring, but let me warn you, once you've had a few good days floats fishing for carp with a centrepin, it is almost impossible to change back to ledgering with boilies.
Paul Almanza
Anglers International Inc.