We have assembled the items that are popular with paylake anglers in this section. These are all products that are proven effective. Will they work for you? Only one way to find out, give 'em a try.


An unparalleled attractant and feeding stimulant.

Massive price reduction. Kilogram package was $100.00, now only $35.00. Half kilo bag only $20.00.


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Buckeye Blend


Now also available in a fine grind - a perfect ground bait for match anglers.


BiosourceTM is a series of natural biochemical compounds which, when introduced into an aquatic environment, induce an involuntary feeding response among a wide variety of fish species. Species stimulated to feed by the BiosourceTM additive include, but are not limited to: carp (all strains), catfish (all strains), bass, buffalo, shiners, suckers, sunfish, and trout (US tests); as well as barbel, bream, carp, F1 hybrids, perch, roach, and tench (UK tests).

During initial field trials, the incorporation of BiosourceTM treated baits within our testers' fishing strategies resulted in some truly spectacular results. Simply stated, testers employing BiosourceTM impregnated baits out fished neighboring anglers at a rate of up to 3:1 during competition! Thus, the BiosourceTM feeding stimulant represents a clear leap forward, in terms of bait preparation, with respect to consistently achieving every angler's goal of catching greater numbers of fish.


This bait was developed by Bob Bernowski and has been extensively field tested. The bulk ingredients include high protein/amino acid components as well a sweeteners. It also contains Compulsion and other proven attractants. To prepare the bait, mix the entire contents of the bag with one can (14.75 oz) of cream-style corn. You may also add flavoring, about 1/4 cup of Superior Flavoring or other of your choice. Add a handful or prepared hempseed or other particles if you wish. Mold the moistened bait around your sinker or around your hookbait. It casts well and breaks down after about 3 minutes in the water. You may also shoot out golf ball sized lumps with a catapult. 1 kg bag and 10kg box.
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Obsession for Carp 8oz

A product from the laboratories of Wacker Baits -- Obsession for Carp, an amazing attractant and feeding stimulant. This is a dark brown liquid, not exactly pleasant smelling or tasting but not all that bad. It does have an outstanding ability to attract carp and to set them off into feeding frenzy. Obsession for Carp can be used as a bait soak or as an ingredient in pack baits, groundbaits or chums. I have been pouring an ounce or so into a can of Pescaviva corn. It toughens the kernels, keeps them fresh longer and really increases the number of bites. I also use it at 1-2 oz per pound in groundbait.

*"Obsession for Carp™" has no relationship to either "Obsession for Men" or "Obsession for Women" both of which are registered trademarks of Calvin Klein and no confusion is intended.

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Proven Amino Acids

A selection of amino acids proven to be highly palatable to carp.

Research at the University of Moscow (Russia) and the University of Oslo (Norway) has demonstrated that certain amino acids are highly attracive to carp and that they will stimulate feeding It is important to note that not all amino acids are attractive and that many of neutral and some are actually inhibitory, a few profioundly so.

The six amino acids we offer are those that significantly increased the palatability of food offerings. They will make a valued addition to your boilie mix, method bait, packbait, groundbait or dough bait. We offer them individually and as a balanced mixture with betaine added for its synergistic action.

AA-ALA Alanine  Use at 5-10g per lb
AA-CYS Cysteine  Use at 5-10g per lb
AA-GLU Glutamine  Use at 5-10g per lb
AA-PRO Proline  Use at 5-10g per lb
AA-ASP Aspartic Acid  Use at 0.5-2g per lb
AA-GLU Glutamic Acid  Use at 0.5-2g per lb




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Superior Flavoring


Superior Flavorings - Used by carp anglers who whose livelihood depends on catching more big carp than the next guy.

In paylakes from Ohio to South Carolina, anglers fish side-by-side in a fiercely competitive chase for big carp. Thousands of dollars can be won or lost in the course of a day and these guys know bait better than just about anybody else. For many of these anglers, the bait flavorings of choice have always been the Superior products.

We are offering several of the most effective flavors and we urge you to try a few on your water. Use them to flavor packbaits, corn, dough baits or whatever your bait of choice.

8 oz plastic bottles.

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Superior Flavors spiked with n-Butyric Acid

n-Butyric acid is an unbelievably vile smelling substance. Despite its unpleasantness it has the ability to smooth out and mellow other flavors, making them much more attractive. It is one of the very best bait additives but it is difficult to get because it is classed as a hazardous substance and must be shipped with very secure and expensive packaging.  We have gotten around this difficulty by mixing optimal levels of n-butyric with the Superior flavors. If the fish are getting jaded, give the Spiked Flavors a try, it might be just what you need.

We can add n-butyric acid to most of our liquids. If you want something not listed, send an email and we will make it.