Customer Comments
We try very hard to keep all our customers happy and we do appear to be doing a good job. Below are some comments from a few of our customers.

Paul - let me just say thank you for your quick service and quality products. this past weekend myself and a couple of friends made up 200+ lbs of 18 mm boilies using the battery operated bait gun you sell. the gun worked perfectly, not a single problem. as 1 battery was starting to fade the other, which had been charging, was ready for action. not only did this product save us some time but it also saved us from a few sore forearms. heck in 1 weekend this item has paided for itself and then some. thanks again paul. J.L. NY
Paul netted a 30 lb. 7 oz. yesterday.  It was caught on a maple flavored
homemade boilie using your Mainline base mix.  I have caught quite a few nice fish on
this boilie but this was the largest.  I also have caught numerous nice fish on the
Polaris Pop up mix, nice product.  J.G. IL
Got my package today. The hat is great. Great color! Great fit! Great logo! I look forward to wearing it next time I'm on the water and someone says "What ya fishin' for?"  C.A.  WI
My x pod plus arrived yesterday, thanks. You were not kidding when you said
it is the most stable around!  D.M. IL
Thanks Paul. I think you have the most prompt customer service of any shop on the internet!  C.A. WI
 I just received my order and i AM VERY HAPPY. Thank You  B.C.  MO
thank you very much paul..things like this is why i do my shopping with you and no one else  B.C. OH
Got my order today, and am very pleased with the carp tools
and boiles. Thanks for the sample pac of euro strawberry, I'll give
them a try. I know one thing, if its Carp stuff, your after this is the only place
to shop. Thanks again, for the great service, I will shop again, and have
recommended you to my pals. N.J.G.  WV
received bag today.
thanks again all at wackerbaits.
excellent service. G.R. MA
Received my order a few minutes ago. Everything
was in perfect condition. Thanks again for the bait drill. I will let you
know how I fare on the boilie try outs, a first for me.  D.R. OH 
The Micron Betalights arrived and are a PERFECT fit in the Mitchell Nautil 7500!!  Thanks so much for all your help!   D.O. NJ
THANKS Paul....i received my shipment today....AWSOME!!  Thanks for everything, will be ordering again very soon.  S.H. OH
Just to say thanks for getting my stuff to me so quickly, excellent and courteous service, the Lady on the phone was very knowledgeable and knew exactly what I wanted. My stuff arrived the day after shipping and despite making my workplace smell of Tutti frutti boilies I was very impressed, will be purchasing again!  Can't wait to christen my new Landing Net!  T.C.  MI
Just a note to say that the heavy barbel rod I ordered recently
arrived this afternoon safe and sound.  Many thanks.  It looks very
nice and all I have to do is locate a few heavy barbel!!  Actually I
got it to use when carp fishing with my old UK centrepin (a 4.5 inch
wide drum Alcocks Aerial), and I'm looking forward to doing battle
with a few carp soon. G.P. MA
I received my stuff in the mail on Tue. Before 15:00 Indy time. I didn't think this kind of service was possible. Less then twenty-four hour service Incredible  D.W.  IN
Paul, your service is fantastic, and I appreciate all your better than good advice N. TX
thanks Paul for taking care of my order so fast. I look forward to using it
soon. Shall be ordering the stalker holdall next! D. IL
Man that was fast!
Ordered the stuff on Friday AM and got it today (Monday AM)
All arrived in good shape. I am particularly impressed with the
high quality of the T-shirt! Can't wait to get out fishin' again.  D.M. IL
Just wanted to say "thank you" - the third reel arrived at my home late last week.
I appreciate your efforts. K.M. TX
Just a note to let you know how much I like the rangemaster2
rod and the reel.  That thing can cast a mile!  N.G. WV

Received my order this past week, thanks for your usual great service. Have a good holiday. T.G. OH
Got the order OK, and the corn also.  That sure is a nice Rod
and reel, everything you said and more. Thanks for the fast service. N.G. WV
Hey Paul made up a batch of pop ups using the Mainline pop up base mix.
That stuff works great!  It's easy & rolls great.
What a great product. J.G. IL
When using PVA bags I've been mightily impressed with the Pakka Pellets. P.K. VA
tried pakka pellets, liked them they work. J.B. IL
I caught this fish at Clear Lake California, weighed 24.4 pounds. I was using your Wackerblend in Pva's and my hook bait was a mix on the hair of regular maize/corn with a few kernels of Strawberry Pescaviva with a piece of pink/red foam in the center as a pop-up. D.H. CA
The 9' carp rods are superb.  Tossed 2.5 and 3 oz leads with them and
they should be just what [we] have been looking for in a river
rod. F.W. NV
The boilies I bought from you continue to catch.  The carp in the river near my home just love them.  They even outfish Pescaviva, which was my favorite bait of all (up to now).  Seems like the boilies also produce generally larger fish than the Pescaviva, which produces everything from small ones to large ones.  The small ones seem to leave the boilies alone.  I fish them with a method feeder, which I am convinced is the way to go.  I'm glad I bought four bags of boilies!!  S.G. IN

I really do like the Fox 5 rib Easydome I have got. Really easy to put up and take down.  Nice and stable, never leaks etc. J.G. UK

I would like to say how much I like wackerblend plus for both match fishing
as well as fun fishing no matter if it's on rivers, lakes or ponds. I fish
it both cooked and ground up dry in my ground bait. Using wackerblend I was
able to take my section in day 2 at the U.S. Open in Montgomery Il, and
finished up 4th over all! Wackerblend along with Pescaviva both in cream and
kernels are pure dynamite on hard fished waters. I will be using both in the
up coming CBA Champinship Weekend in October and feel very confident that I
will place high in the lisitings!
Thanks Paul For Such Great Service And Products!  M.A.  IL

I went fishing today and used the 18mm  pineapple-banana boilies and they worked great, had a 21lb 8 oz carp in the net within 15 minutes and caught 2 smaller carp also on the boilies and 4 carp using scopex flavored maize. Smallest carp was 14 pound. Not bad for about 3 hours of fishing.  E.B. Penn.

Oh and BTW Paul P, the 20.5 was on one of your Fox hooks !!!! ........Honestly, and those are great hooks.  G.B.  NC

Pescaviva RULES> Stays on the hook better. Can be stored 
longer. Also it has produced for me where Green Giant Extra 
sweet has failed. Also I've had the Green Giant fall off the hook 
during casts. For a simple paste bait I've tried your wonderful 
suggestion in your catalog. I've taken the mielie bon you sell and 
mixed it with egg and it very durable and stays well. Also boiling 
the stuff makes boilies easily.  
Keep up the good work in supplying us "orphan" fishermen.
North Dakota


the 20.5 was on one of your Fox hooks !!!! ........Honestly, and those are great hooks.
G. S.

Of all the different products I have tried for carp Pescaviva is the one I wouldn't fish without.  When I started using it I doubled my average daily catch.  At less than $3.00 a can it is very economical to use. It is defiantly worth buying a few cans. C.W. Illinois

I would second the advice of everyone recommending pescaviva.  It is soft enough to use right on the hook yet firm enough to stay on well when used at medium to short range.  B.N. Texas

i belive the coloring of pescavia has alot to do with its success. yellow is a warning color for alot of carp because of the popularity of sweetcorn. pescavia comes in an assortment of high vis but not alarming colors. its some seriously good stuff. Mike

Don't be afraid to try the "pips" selection from Wacker as well. In my
experiences so far this year, they are outfishing even the traditional
Pescaviva 2 to 1. They are quite sturdy on a hair, I even re-use them by
putting them back in the jar. They seem to have quite a shelf life, lasting
way longer than a can of the Pescaviva (even with 10-sesh added).
Tutti-frutti pips have been an outstanding flavor. M.D. Coneticutt

the tutti frutti and scopex [Pescaviva] have been killin for me so far this year. Mike

Here's the picture of my 42.1. I caught it on honey glow maize that had been
soaked in betaine and aminosabe.  Thank you for carrying quality products
that help me catch fish like this. Al St. Cyr Texas

as always, thanks for your speedy and honorable service. K.W. Rhode Island

Thank you for the quick shipping! I'm in WV, with a lot of backwater areas on farmlands that hold some huge fish. These waters are usually very stained, so I'm excited about using flavor and scent methods to draw them in to my bait. ...I'm expecting a dramatic increase in catches when I start incorporating your products=) S.D. West Virginia

I just add a little SA style dip to the middle of the pack.  Gives you the option to change flavors on a whim.T.P. Virginia

I just got my new PB mirror , 28-10 on
Pescaviva ......:)Good stuff! Outfishes maize 2 to
1. S.O. Massacheuttes

Although Ive been really
putting them on the bank recently with Scopex Pescaviva. S.O. MA

Friday I caught a new possible state record from Town Lake!She weighed
46.14,your aminosabe,betaine,and vasbyt honeydelight& almond did the
trick! Al TX

i had good success this week by adding some obsession mixed pellets into my usual birdseed mix. was using obession soaked chickpeas as my hookbait. Mike

!  I have had some great days on Vaal Dam, Ox Blood and Pineapple and. at times, the Bun Spice and Almond do well.  TP VA

Had a good night too, 3-18's, a 15 and so many sub-doubles I quit counting.  Obsession flavored dough dipped in anything fruity was the ticket tonight  TP VA

I just love that new rod I got from you, used it last night, caught
some small carp, nothing over 10 pounds, but it sure did bring a SMILE to my
face. Very exciting. Just thought you should know, it is a great rod!!  DR

those Rangemasters are very nice. I consider it my distance rod and the price range I buy in the Rangemaster is a good bargain. JB IL

Paul got my stuff today, thanks. Great service as usual! JG WI