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Speciman Starter Kit

The perfect way to get into maodern carp fishing.

The Speciman Starter Kit contains the tackle items you need to reliably catch the big carp.

Also includes an intruction booklet that shows how to tie knots, make rigs, use boilies, make safety leaders, make inline leaders and use PVA bags.


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Carp Kit #2 Feeder Fishing

Putting a pile of attractive loose bait a few inches of your hook will bring in the fish and stimulate vigorous feeding. The Buckeye Blend will bring in the fish and the hair rigs will hook them.

By using the bait and tackle in this kit, you will have the tools to join the carp fishing elite. These are the methods used by the champion tournament anglers in America. You will still need knowledge of fish behavior and watercraft but this will put you on the right track.

This advanced kit contains the essentials to get you started in carp angling using “The Method”. Included in the kit are:

4-Piece Baiting Needle Set. Includes barbed and gated-hook baiting needles, stringer needle and bait drill.
Classic Boilie Rig. Durable braid. Ultra-sharp, forged, PTFE-coated Japanese hook. #8 swivel. Pack of 2 rigs.
Anti-Snag Rig. A tough rig, strong enough to pull fish out of the weeds and other snaggy areas. Ultra-sharp, forged, PTFE-coated Japanese hook. Quick-change swivel with anti-tagle sleeve. Pack of 2 rigs.
Lead Core Leaders. Two 36” leaders with a spiced loop on one end and a 3* swivel on the other. Helps prevent cutoffs and lays flat on the bottom when fish with a slack line.
Bait Stops. Dumbbell shaped stops are unobtrusive and easy to use. Keeps the bait on the hair rig . Card of 100 stops.
Boom Coil Feeder, Weighted. Large coil feeder with an 8” anti-tangle tube and a 30g (1oz) weight.
Wire Coil Feeder. Simplest style of feeders holds bait securely. Large size holds ample bait.
Inline Method Feeders. Two sizes, 35g (1.25oz) and 50g (2oz) of finned feeders.
Buckeye Blend Method Mix (chum). Mix according to the directions on the bag and you will have the most remarkable carp attractant ever. Mold around either of the enclosed feeders.
Sweet Corn Pips. Flavored and colored hook bait.
AAmaize. Gelatinized, enriched cream corn.
Boilies. 150g pack of World Classic 16mm boilies. 50+ baits.