Weigh Slings

Scale, Fox Digital

? Clip on hard casing for protective transit
? Easy to use push button system
? Fold out Soft touch easy grip handles
? Retractable weighing eye
? Large easy to read LCD panel with backlight facilities
? Read out in pounds or kilos
? Can be zeroed to any size of weigh bag
? Storage facilities for catch records
? Built in clock and alarm
RH4xx0 TP100S
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Scale, Reuben-Heaton Specimen Hunter

Specimen Hunter
The new 2005 Specimen Hunter now incorporates an integral lens mounted LED "Scalite" light source which provides waterproof, maintenence free illumination for the whole dial during night operation.
  • Scalite auto off function remains illuminated during the weighing process.
  • Tough shatterproof polycarbonate body and lens.
  • Stainless steel hook and hang point.
  • Corrosion resistant internal components.
  • Generous tare range/zero facilities for weighted nets.
  • Full overload protection. After sales support

    RH4060 TP100S 60lb
    RH4120 TP100S 120lb




    Weigh Sling, BFS

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    A durable, fish-friendly weigh sling. 36" rods across the top, 18" deep, zipper at one end.