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Quick Release Connector, Wacker

Use these great little items on bite alarms, rod pod legs, bank sticks or any other item with the standard 3/8" x 20 BSF threads.

Quickly connect or disconnect by pulling down on the outer sleeve and popping the two ections apart. Very well built items.


Pod Anchors, Fox Mini x4

This unique design allows your rod-pod to be firmly anchored to the ground. Pivoting through 90 degrees, each foot can adjusted to suit uneven ground if required and each foot features an anchoring point allowing it to be securely fixed to the ground with bivvy pegs or screws or cup hooks on wooden platforms! Providing increased stability, these Pod Anchors™ have been designed for use in conjunction with rod pods that have legs constructed from 22mm tube.
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Rod Support Clip, Fox

The rod support clip offers versatile support at a squeeze of the fingers. Handy for securing rods in an upright position whilst re-baiting or supporting landing net poles in convenient locations within a swim. Supplied with a reducer the rod support clip clamps to a wide range of diameters whether fixing to tent poles, fences or trees.
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Adjusti Nut x5

Brass nut to fit studs on buzzers and butt rests. Makes it easier to lock the buzzers and rests in place.

Camera Adapter Flexi

Camera adapter screws into any bankstick, storm pole, tripod or rod pod for easy one-man photo shoots of the trophey carp. Stud for the camera can be adjusted to different angles and locked in plae with the thumb screw.

Camera Adaptor

Handy little device enables you to mount your camera on any standard bankstick or rod pod. Just the thing when you need to take the photo by yourself.

Camera Angle, Gardner

Multi-angle camera adaptor designed to give you optimum adjustability. Simple to use and gives perfect results every time - rotate the Camera Angle into the desired position and lock in place with the T-Bar. Ideal for those self-take shots. 360° ball & socket joint allows camera to 'float' in any direction for precise framing. Extended T-Bar locks securely, eliminating camera shake and unwanted movement even with the largest of cameras. Fits any bankstick or tripod. Fits any camera (including Digital cameras). Includes Safety Washer to protect base of camera. Machined in the UK from Solid Steel and Brass for durability and won't rust. Black powder coated to last a lifetime.
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Captive Back Lead Bar

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Designed for the Quattro pod but can also be used with the X-Pod Plus. This unit clips onto the front two legs. The bar has three split rings at fixed intervals along it, each featuring a stainless steel clip to allow the winder from the 'Captive Back Lead' system to be attached.
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Carp Sack Attachment

Screws into a bankstick or a tripod and provides an attachment for your carp sack.

Hammer Head

Metal head drops into the top of a bankstick/storm pole and enables you to pound it into the ground without damage. Quick and easy to use, a useful accessory. 

Quick Release for Alarms and Rod Rests

Quick Release BB Adaptor (upper left in picture) screws into into your buzz bar or bankstick and locks down tight with the knurled nut. The Quick Release Top Cup (top left and included in the Adapter) screws onto the bite alarm or rod rest. The large screw(included in the adapter) or the T-Lock Screw (lower lower) locks the Cup into the Adapter.

A quick quarter turn or so of the screw releases the Cup and a quick turn of the Cup removes it from the buzz bar or bankstick.

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Scale Hook

Screws into tripod and provides an attachment for a weigh scale.

Sky Pod Buzz Bars

Increase the versatilty of your Sky Pod by adding 2-, 3- or 4-rod buzz bars. Sold by the pair, one for the front and one for the rear.

FXRP5303 2-rod
FXRP3574 3-rod
FXRP3575 4-rod


Storm Pole Attachment pr.

Solid brass. Used to attach storm poles to umbrellas.