Hook Link (Leader) Materials

Snag Leader, Wacker Moss Green 35lb 50m

100% Dyneema with a slick, abrasion resistant coating. Great for fishing snaggy waters where most lines are quickly cut through. This material will bring more fish to the bank and leave fewer rigs in the river.

50m spool, 35lb/15.9kg break strength, 0.33mm diameter.


Weight: lbs

Hook Links, Wacker Silky Soft & Coated

Three distinctive hook links that will cover nearly any fishing situation.

Removable Skin Hook Link (WB2HLRS): This is the braid of choice for making combi rigs, Whithy Pool rigs and anti-blowout rigs. The plastic coating provides stiffness to the rig as well as abrasion resistance. The inner braid that is exposed when the coating is peeled off is strong and supple. The coating is a dark, moss green and the core braid a lighter weedy green. Blends in well with most bottoms. 20m spool in a see-through dispenser that clearly shows how much line is left.


Touchdown Silky Soft Hook Link (WB2HLTD): A fast sinking, thin and supple hook link. It has a specific gravity greater than that of water so it sinks and hugs the bottom - out of sight of line-shy fish, For best results, pre-wet the line to eliminate surface tension. Dark green to fade into the background. 20m spool in a see-through dispenser that clearly shows how much line is left.


Snag Proof 30lb and 40lb (WB2HLSP-30, WB2HLSP-40) is a tough, abrasion resistant hook link. Dark green to blend into the bottom. 20m spool in a see-through dispenser that clearly shows how much line is left.


Because of its softness, Wacker Silky Soft Fast Sinking hooklink braid (WB2HLFS) is even more “bottom hugging” than other sinking hooklinks. In fact, it’s one of the finest sinking hooklinks available in the market. Once flat on the bottom there is no way a line shy carp can detect it.


The Neutral Buoyancy (WB2HLNB) has a specific gravity very nearly the same as water. The extreme softness and suppleness allows this hooklink to move with water or to follow a hook in a very natural way, fooling even the most experienced and suspicious carp. Ultra thin, round and as smooth as silk. It is safe to say that this is one of the finest hooklinks available!


You have never seen anything like the Anvil Hooklink (WB2HKA). It is an innovative new hooklink braid made of a new type of material which is incredibly fast sinking, supple and soft. It will hug the bottom so closely it is absolutely impossible for a line shy carp to detect, even after having sucked in the bait. This hooklink is also very easy to knot, maintaining almost 100% of the original breaking strength.



Fluorocarbon, Wacker 25m 20lb

This line has two desirable characteristics - it is virtually invisible in the water and it has a high abrasion resistance. These attributes make it a great hook link material and a great snag leader.

Use this fluorocarbon and a hook with an out-turned eye to make stiff rigs. The fish will have great difficulty seeing the line and also, great difficulty ejecting the hook after taking the bait.

This is a high quality fluorocarbon, durable and easy to tie securely. 20m spool, 20lb/9.1kg break strength, 0.40mm diameter.




Ton-Up, Kryston

We are talking serious abrasion resistance! At last a hooklength or leader which will handle monsters in giant weed beds, Grand Canyon boulders, Zambezi gravel bars or any nightmare swims. Should you wish for giant wells catfish, Indian mahseer, huge Nile perch, monster sturgeon or any species of freshwater fish which exceeds 100lbs in weight - look no further. As a shock or rubbing leader this product has no equal. It will stand up to the rigors of controlling and taming the huge creatures which abound in snag infested waters. Filaments of the most abrasion resistant material possible to obtain have have been carefully interlocked gicing you an incredibly tough line of enormous strength, but still with a reasonable diameter.

Snake-Skin, Kryston 20lb 20m

Now you can fish using the most undetectable line in the world in a totally tangle free manner. Kryston Multi-Strand has been encapulated with a unique tough removable anti-tangle coating. Simply remove the coating to expose the ultra soft core to make unique multi-links, knotless combi-links, hinge-rigs with any make of hook or swivel. Ideal on waters where fish have wised-up to conventional rigs. Superb realistic silkweed camouflage instantly blends in with all weedy areas.

Score Gold, Kryston Leadcore Camo 60lb 10m

Easy Splice Super Heavyweight Lead Core
The lead core users dream. Extreme density has been achieved by using SW20 grade lead for the core. How heavy is it? As soon as you pick up the spool the question is answered. Its immense weight lets you tighten up without lifting half the leader off the bottom. Undertow problems are now a thing of the past. Heavier bobbins can be used without spoiling presentation. Construction has been given the highest priority. Woven high tenacity polyester and pure HPPE fibres ensure this durable leader stands up to constant recasting with little sign of wear. Ridiculously easy to splice, full kit included. Superb colour pattern blends in with most backgrounds. ‘The helicopter rig material to use'.

Score, Kryston Leadcore 45lb 10m

Easy Splice Super Heavyweight Lead Core
Over three times heavier than many other lead core lines currently on sale. Scores™ tremendous weight ensures that all the important line above the rig is fully settled on the bottom. Simply cast out, tighten up, slacken off and set the indicators for pin-point bite registration. Makes superb silt and helicopter rigs. Brilliant for stalking, gives freelined baits extra distance without sacrificing presentation. Easily spliced for increased strength. Splicing kit and step by step splicing instructions included.

Quicksilver Gold Coated, Kryston 20m 45lb

Snags abound almost everywhere and at times we are forced to fish near them. Quicksilver has long been regarded as the finest tool for the job, no hype just fact. Acclaimed by thousands as the most durable line on sale this outstanding product is now available with an added armour plated multi-coating. The additional super resilient shield makes the line even more abrasion resistant. Tested on the notorious Rainbow Lake and similar nightmare waters this superb creation passed with flying colours. Removing the coating gives you an exceptional range of rig options never before possible. As a shock/snag leader or a totally carp friendly hooklength it cannot be bettered. A must when fishing snaggy areas both home and abroad.

Availability: 25lb and 45Lb.
20 meter spool


Quicksilver, Kryston 25m

Super Shock Leader.
Super strength combined with bullet-proof abrasion resistance, this legendary product protects against gravel bars, mussels, flints, lilies, tough abrasive weed and rocky areas. Superb as hooklengths for catfish and carp when fishing severe snaggy swims. Low diameter ensures long cast, bulky leader knots eliminated. Highly acclaimed by the world's leading carp anglers. Tried, tested and trusted.

Availability: 251b, 351b & 451b.
25 meter spool


Multi-Strand, Kryston 25lb 20m

The most undetectable line in the world! Ultra soft, super supple, separates in water, instantly flattens on touch when carp are mouthing the bait. Superb for combi-links when connected to any other line. Excellent for floater fishing, especially when presenting bait to large, wary, line shy fish. Ultra-fine in diameter, high knot strength, high abrasion resistance. A proven product.

Mantis Dark, Kryston 25lb 20m

The hooklink that holds more records than Michael Schumacher has had a facelift.  (Who?)

This legendary hooklength needs little introduction having already accounted for three World and many National and International records. This new version fills the gap for those fishing over dark silty areas. Kryston have purposely avoided the mistake of giving this stunning product a solid black finish even though it's easier to do so, why? Because when you look carefully at the colour and composition of silt it is far from black.

A solid black hooklength is possibly the worst choice of colour to use for good presentation. Ask any fly fisherman what is the best early season fly to use for hungry stockies, the answer will be anything as long as it's black. It's by far the best colour to attract attention because it stands out like a silhouette, even over silt!

Silt is decomposed organic matter consisting of weed, leaves, wood and all manner of substances but unlike coal it varies in colour. Tiny highlights can be seen throughout its surface giving a random mottled appearance. It has long been known that Silkworm with its dark grey fragmented finish is arguably the finest and proven super-braid for fishing over silt and for years has been highly recommended by many leading writers.

The finish of Mantis Dark mimics Silkworm and is perfect for presenting bait over silty areas. It has all the advantages and pedigree of its sister products incredible track record. The multi-coating process gives it a tough durable finish and once removed gives you a stunning variety of modern day rig options.

Kryston have often been asked for a black hooklength, we resisted and waited to give you something far better.


Kraken, Kryston 200lb 10m

KRAKEN The ultimate monster line

Using the world’s toughest and strongest high strength fibres in high gauge this hooklength or leader will handle anything that swims in freshwater. Virtually indestructible and almost everlasting this truly is the line for the giants.

This is a specialist product made for the adventurer who fishes boulder-strewn rivers, horrendous snag ridden still waters or anywhere where the tackle has to be man enough to extract the creatures we can only dream about.

Tested on freshwater stingrays, sturgeon and other goliaths this special product will not let you down.


Jackal, Kryston Olive Green 30lb 20m

For those in search of a truly excellent hooklength that will cover a wide spectrum of presentation choices, then you really should check this one out.

Produced entirely from high grade Spectra the worlds strongest filament Jackal has handled specimen size fish both at home and abroad with ease. This remarkable low diameter hooklength is tough enough to cope with all the demands that modern day specialist angling can throw at it.

Jackal’s unique multi-coating and curing process ensures it is totally fish friendly unlike many low diameter braids on sale. Its smooth robust exterior not only eliminates tangles but also helps it withstand damage from abrasive weed, snags, gravel, roots etc that exist in many waters today.

Its ultra low diameter offers superb natural presentation possibilities when used by itself, or alternatively strip back the coating for an even greater range of rig options. Once stripped back you will see the internal braided core is dyed to a tint of the original coating giving a brilliant camouflage effect. For those seeking stealth and reliability then this is the product for you.

Super tough, super strong, Jackal blends in virtually anywhere with an excellent choice of natural subtle colours to choose from.


Armadillo, Fox Grren

Possibly the toughest, most abrasion resistant leader material around. Used as a shock leader, Armadillo will help prevent ‘crack offs’ when casting big leads to the horizon whilst its superior abrasion resistance will help protect you against ‘cut offs’ caused by rocks, bars or zebra mussels! Available in Green or Brown for increased deception, Armadillo also doubles up brilliantly as a Catfish hook link.


Weight: lbs

Snare, Fox Braid 25lb 25m

Snare is a combination of brown and white high-tec fibres braided to produce a slow sinking, high abrasion resistant hook link material suitable for general ‘all round’ rig construction.

Incorporating a slight stiffness which increases its anti eject properties, Snare is ideal for both bottom bait and pop up rigs providing the resilience required for fishing over gravel bars or in snaggy swims.
Weight: lbs

Reflex, Fox Braid 25lb 25m

Reflex has been braided from green and yellow fibres to create our softest and most supple braid. The camouflaging effect created allows Reflex to be used with a high degree of deception over both gravel or weedy bottoms and its slow to medium sink rates make it ideal for rigs used in conjunction with both critically balanced or pop up baits.
Weight: lbs

Coretex, Fox 25lb 20m Weedy Green

Coretex is a coated hooklink material with a soft inner braided core woven from an exceptionally strong fibre that offers superb strength and reliability. This is bonded within an outer sheath which gives protection from abrasion, while providing good anti tangle properties and the required stiffness for advanced rigs. Coretex is coated with a low visibility camo finish.
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Rigidity Stiff Rig 20m 15lb

Fox Rigidity is formulated with a unique molecular ‘cross-linker’ which creates an ultra stiff monofilament, purpose for tying modern anti-eject stiff rigs.
In certain situations stiff rigs can provide an important advantage over other forms of presentation. Rigs tied with Rigidity can be extremely difficult for wary carp to successfully eject once they have picked up the bait. The stiffness of the material acts as a boom, which automatically extends the hookbait out, and away from the lead. This ensures that as soon as the carp picks up the bait it is in full, instant contact with the lead creating the ultimate in bolt rig efficiency.

Rigidity has an extremely hard outer surface, which will stand up to the toughest underwater terrain. At the same time the clear finish makes it very difficult to detect and helps it to blend in with any surroundings.


FXCAC079  12lb 0.37mm
FXCAC080  15lb 0.47mm
FXCAC081  25lb 0.52mm

Weight: lbs

Rig Glue, Kryston Styx Time Lock Delay Setting

Most super glues on sale have one major shortcoming, in a split second they instantly lock up. Before you know it that small intricate item you have been carefully trying to position ends up permanently stuck in the wrong place! You cannot reposition it you have run out of time.
Styx Time Lock provides the perfect solution to this problem, a rubberised rig glue with a built in delay. Before fully curing it gives you those vital extra few seconds to adjust and move the item perfectly into place for a precise secure fit.
Simply apply a small amount with the brush, move the item into position and allow a few seconds to fully cure. Ideal for bonding PVC, plastic, rubber and many other rig components in exactly the right spot every time.
Styx Time Lock…problem solved
Please Note: In average humidity it allows you approximately ten seconds before it fully cures.
10gm bottle with brush
Weight: lbs

Camotex, Fox

EDGES Camotex
Stiff Coated Camo Braid Camotex Stiff features a soft supple camo sinking inner braid with a stiff matt camo outer coating which can be steamed perfectly straight to create advanced combi rigs. We recommend removing the outer coating before knotting. Available in Light Camo and Dark Camo in 15lb, 20lb & 25lb breaking strains. FEATURES • Coated braid perfect for bottom bait and pop-up rigs • Available in an ultra-stiff version and also a softer version