Bait Flare - Ice Fishing
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Bait Flare

Super-Fast "exploding" Scent Bag works by bringing the fish to you. The self ejecting scent erupts like a volcano sending scent, micro food particles and small attractors to bring in bait and game fish.
The vibrations given off by the action can be felt by fish and trigger an instinct bite. The reaction also gives off a heat signature that the fish can detect. These two actions make this item ideal for night and ice fishing.
Contents is 100% biodegradable
Weight: lbs

Bait Flare Dip

The Bait Flare "POWDER-KEG" Bait Dip
A Brand New and revolutionary concept in adding scent and vibration to Ice Fishing  and Summer Fishing baits alike. Unlike wet dips there is a very natural scent and NO OIL SLICK.  Sticks to Jigs, Plastics, spoons, live/dead baits, and flies and releases granular particals similar to bait fish loosing scales and leaves little "leaking blood" lines from the bait as it sits or as you jig. Works by wetting your bait then dipping in the Bait FLare bait dip, can be layered to put in a much larger scent cloud by repeating the wetting then dipping process. The longer you sit the harder the dip sticks to lures and jigs. On live bait its best not to coat the head of the bait .......and the Bait Flare bait dip will keep your bait moving. Comes in a bright orange waterproof floating container with lanyard to help keep dry and to keep you from loosing it.........