Consignment Sales
We accept good, usable tackle for consignement sales. The goods must be in our possession before we list them for sale. Please contact us before shipping or delivering any items. Together we will decide on a selling price. If the item does not sell within 30 days of being listed on our web site and displayed in our store, you must either reduce the price by 25% or have the item returned to you. If the item does not sell within 60 days, you must have the item returned to you or it will be treated as abandoned and disposed as we deem appropriate.   

Our fee is 20% of the final sales price. The buyer pays for shipping and insurance. If the material is returned to you, unsold, then you pay the return shipping and insurance. There is a minimum fee paid to us of $10 per item or $10 per lot whether the material sells or not. We will try to sell your items both on our web site ( and in our store.

Wacker Bait & Tackle LLC is not responsible for any damage or loss of any item by any person or act of God. All reasonable care will be taken with all items consigned. All items are left at the consignor's risk.