Flavors, Sprays & Dips
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Flavor, Sweet Corn WB&T 4oz

A new flavor from the Wacker Laboratories. Corn is always a top bait and this flavor will add the virtues of corn to other baits.
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Flavor, Bop-a-Lop Tutti Frutti, WB&T 4oz

Probably the best tutti-frutti flavor on the market.

We have been working on this for years and think we have the perfect Tutti Frutti here. Dab a little behind your ears and add a little your bait, any bait, and you will catch fish. Little Richard would love the stuff. Emulsion form so it has an intense flavor but weak aroma.

4 oz plastic stand-up pouch.

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Flavor, Strawberry WB&T

A rich, fruity strawberry, absolutely the best we could find.
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Flavor Powders, Wacker 100g

Five great flavors in powder form. Especially useful in ground baits because of their persistence and slow release. A favorite of some of the areas top match anglers.

100g resealable plastic pouch.

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Flavor, Scopex, WB&T 4oz

"Perfect" Scopex. Smells and Tastes like Scopex Should.

A concentrated and effective flavoring for boilies and all other baits. Rich and creamy aroma is pleasing to humans and irresistible to carp. Use about 5ml per 4-egg boilie mix or about 1tsp per pound of bait.

4 oz plastic stand-up pouch.

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Flavor, Mark II Pineapple WB&T 4oz

An irresistible concentrated flavoring for boilies and all other baits. This is, perhaps, the most effective bait flavor for North American carp. Use about 5ml per 4-egg boilie mix or about 1tsp per pound of bait.

4 oz plastic stand-up pouch.

Weight: lbs

Flavor, Nanshe WB&T 4oz

A new, unbelievably effective flavor from the laboratories of WB&T.

This is a complex, mellow yet strong flavor. Difficult to describe, it is unlike anything you have used before. Use at about 0.5-1tsp per pound of bait or about 2.5-5ml for a 4-egg boilie mix.

Nanshe is the Sumarian goddess of fish and fishing and this is her flavor. It is rather strong and maybe a little unpleasant at full strength but very smooth with a hint of fruit at working strength. Nanshe is also the goddess of morals and ethics. So you must never exaggerate the size of fish caught with this flavoring.

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Flavor, Fu-Sang Mulberry, WB&T 4oz

A very effective flavor.

In Chinese mythology it is said that there were ten suns, one for each day of the week (they had a longer week than we do now). The goddess Xi He was the mother of these suns. At the end of each day, when the sun's journey was ended, she would wash it in the lake and hang it to dry in the giant mulberry tree called Fu-Sang.

In modern carp mythology, the finest mulberry flavoring comes from this very tree and it is available only from Wacker Bait & Tackle.

4 oz plastic stand-up pouch.



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Flavo-Tubes, Wacker

Flavor and dye combination specifically formulated for ground baits.
Each tube contains sufficient flavoring and bait dye to treat 2-5 lbs of ground bait, even more if you like to keep it subtle. Available in all the top Wacker flavors.
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Flavor, Anise WB&T

An all-time favorite of American anglers. This is a concentrated but very mellow version of the classic flavor.
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Superior Flavors spiked with n-Butyric Acid

n-Butyric acid is an unbelievably vile smelling substance. Despite its unpleasantness it has the ability to smooth out and mellow other flavors, making them much more attractive. It is one of the very best bait additives but it is difficult to get because it is classed as a hazardous substance and must be shipped with very secure and expensive packaging.  We have gotten around this difficulty by mixing optimal levels of n-butyric with the Superior flavors. If the fish are getting jaded, give the Spiked Flavors a try, it might be just what you need.

We can add n-butyric acid to most of our liquids. If you want something not listed, send an email and we will make it.


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Superior Flavoring


Superior Flavorings - Used by carp anglers who whose livelihood depends on catching more big carp than the next guy.

In paylakes from Ohio to South Carolina, anglers fish side-by-side in a fiercely competitive chase for big carp. Thousands of dollars can be won or lost in the course of a day and these guys know bait better than just about anybody else. For many of these anglers, the bait flavorings of choice have always been the Superior products.

We are offering several of the most effective flavors and we urge you to try a few on your water. Use them to flavor packbaits, corn, dough baits or whatever your bait of choice.

8 oz plastic bottles.

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Spray, World Classic Amino Aroma Compulsion

High Attract Liquid Feeding Stimulant - Amino acid enhanced 

 Contains Biosource Feeding Stimulant.

 Amino Aroma Spray quickly and noticeably changes any bait into "power bait." Spray the liquid onto your hook bait to enhance its effectiveness and achieve maximum catches.

Weight: lbs

Spray, K-1

This convenient fine mist spray bottle allows you to spray your hookbait, packbait or method ball for added attraction prior to casting out - AWESOME.

Top Quality Concentrated Flavor with instant attraction. The Ingredients, flavors and attractors in these K-1 Baits are designed to compliment all products in our range with the same flavor.
  • These highly attractive Extra Strength Flavors are irresistible to all carp
  • Bright Colors
  • 4 oz (115 ml) Fine Mist Pump Spray Bottle
  • This is a complex blended combination of both natural and artificial flavors
  • Comes in a Heavy Duty Bottle with a cap cover to prevent discharge
  • Superb value for money
  • Custom created, designed and manufactured in the USA