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Hat, Wacker Logo Khaki Cap with Hunter Green Bill

Unstructured 6-panal cap with the Wacker logo embroidered on the front.

Light, Fox Halo Elite Bivvy w/Remote

Half price!
Halo Elite is the first bivvy light that can be programmed to be activated when a bite alarm is triggered. This makes exiting the bivvy and reaching the rods simple and safe, even on the darkest of nights. A choice of 8 sensitivity settings allow the Halo to activate from a single bleep, to a full blown run. A secondary setting controls the time the light remains on before automatically switching off. The large rubberised button on the Halo Elite can be used to override the alarm reactive function if required.

This prevents the light from operating in response to an alarm being triggered but still allows it to be operated manually or by the remote fob. A magnetic plate clamps the light into position by trapping the bivvy fabric between the plate and the base of the light, but the Halo can also be placed on a bivvy table.

As well as working in conjunction with the MICRON® EOS R bite indicator, the Halo Elite Bivvy Light comes with a small unit which allows remote activation and de-activation of the light.

Jacket, Hardy Windproof Fleece

Half price on this great jacket!

The Hardy EWS Windproof Fleece Jacket uses fleece bonded to a mesh layer that blocks wind while holding the heat in, keeping you warm whatever the conditions, an ideal fly fishing companion. 

  • Fleece lined zipped pockets
  • Adjustable collar top with cord-lock to cut out any wind chill.

Colour/Code: Green - HC380

Sizes: L (42-45"), XL (46-48")